The museum

The museumbuilding Emil

The proprietor of Vantaa Agricultural Museum is Helsinge Lantmannagille rf. Vanda. The association was founded in 1882 and is one of the oldest associations in the city.

The museum is a bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) local museum with objects from the old Helsingin maalaiskunta, a region that included modern-day Vantaa as well as parts of Helsinki and Tuusula.

The museum consists of two buildings: Emil and Maiju. Emil was inaugurated and taken in use in 2006. Apart from the exhibition space on the first floor, the building contains meeting facilities on the second floor that are for hire in the summer season. There is room for up to 50 persons in the facilities resembling a traditional Finnish hayloft. A meeting room and a  kitchen with refrigerator and freezer is also available on the first floor. The second building, Maiju, contains festive- and meeting facilities for up to 100 persons and can be used year-round.

The rapid urbanisation of Vantaa means that the traces of the old Helsingin maalaiskunta, which was a distinctive rural society, vanish in an increasing pace. To preserve some of the city’s rural heritage Helsinge Lantmannagille started the museum project in the late 1980's. The museum is ideal for people who have recently moved to Vantaa and want to get to know the rural history of their new hometown, but also for older residents who want to acquaint themselves with the history of the city.

The location near Vantaankoski, one of Vantaa´s cultural centres and the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, means that even visitors from afar can easily visit the museum due to good buss and train services.

Opening Hours

The museum is open June to August on Sundays 10:00 to 14:00 h. (10 am to 2 pm)

For groups we can also keep the museum open at other hours.

It is possible to book guided tours for groups.

Entry fees

The entry fees are:

Children: 2 €
Adults: 4 €