Suomeksi Svenska

The building Emil is a wooden house that in many ways resembles traditional Finnish architecture; according to visitors a pleasant and attractive building. Especially the excellent acoustics have been emphasized. There are benches and chairs for up to 50 persons in the meeting facilities on the second floor. On the first floor there is a smaller assembly room for up to 40 persons and a kitchen with an electric stove, a microwave oven, a refrigerator and a freezer. There is a lot of parking space.
The house is newly built.The second floor of Maiju has a cafeteria with room for up to 60 persons and a space for meetings- and exhibitions with room for up to 100 persons. On the first floor there is an office, an archive, a sauna, a club room and storage facilities.
Vantaa agricultural museum, Nybackankuja 2, 01670 Vantaa. Phone +358 9 8534670, +358 500 315 744, +358 400 880 539